This mountainous system forms the roof of the country, extending to the north of Ethiopia, in the Amhara region.

It was recognized as a World Heritage Site in 1978 because massive secular erosion has created this Ethiopian plateau one of the most spectacular landscapes in the world with peaks, deep valleys and rugged cliffs reaching 1,500 meters deep.

Simien Mountain is one of the main highlands in Africa, reaching the highest point in Ethiopia, snow and ice appear at the highest points and night temperatures often drop below freezing. The park has three general botanical regions, the lower slopes have been cultivated and grazed, while the alpine regions were covered with forests, thus being an ideal refuge for extremely rare animal species such as the Gelada baboon.

What to see?

The main attraction of this park is its biosphere, as it has impressive cliffs, rugged landscapes, a cool climate and endemic fauna. These spectacular attractions can be discovered largely through trekking.

In this wonderful place you will be lucky enough to see several ibex (a kind of mountain goat) and some colonies of Gelada baboons with blond hair.