Cinema and the arts in general have stereotyped African history, to get to know the continent better, we propose a great solution to discover and learn all these elements through a screen!


King of boys

The film focuses on the power struggle, where a philanthropic businesswoman seeks to get involved in politics.


The desert flower

Somalia-born Waris Darie tells her own story based on true events. An ideal film to reflect on the difficulties of being a woman in Somalia: the practice of cutting, weddings of convenience, premature pregnancies, the insufficient education they receive …


If i had a cow

This short documentary shows the great importance of cows in Wassa, a small town in Burkina Faso. For the families of this village, having a cow means getting out of poverty, being able to go to school, having enough food.


Queen katwe

This movie is a great proposal to meet Phiona Mutesi, the first woman to win the National Junior Chess Championship in Uganda.


14 kilometers

14 are the kilometers that separate Africa from Europe, but it is also the barrier that separates the dreams of millions of Africans who see in the West their only chance to get out of the hunger and misery that surrounds them.