The sandy streets of Mozambique Island and its old white-walled houses will take you to a past where the Portuguese empire dominated these latitudes.

This island is fully urbanized and two parts are distinguished according to the construction material that you will be able to visit: the city of stone in the extreme north and that of macuti to the south, in front of the small island of San Lorenzo. Its surprising architectural unity is due to the constant use of the same construction methods and materials (stone or macuti) since the 16th century, as well as the application of always identical ornamental principles.

It is made up of just over 3 km in length and 300 m in width. Surrounded by the waters of the beautiful Indian Ocean.

A fun and increasingly common way to get to know the city is by bike, with or without a guide. The governor’s palace is today an interesting museum. The island has beaches and, if we want to sail to others, the typical thing is to do it in Arab dhow-type boats.


How to get:

The only connection of the Island of Mozambique with the rest of the country, is through a narrow concrete bridge of more than 3 kilometers. This bridge connects the island with the city of Lumbo, to the west.