We cannot deny that getting lost is part of the adventure, but it is important that you always be well. For that, these travel applications will be your wild card for any situation. Do you take a look?


google maps

It is worth mentioning, but if you use Android on your cell phone, you probably already have Google Maps installed. This is the most useful travel app by default. In addition to locating you in space, it also allows you to view images of the place you point to and directions for moving around on foot, by car, bike or public transport.


Split wise

Splitwise allows you to calculate how much each group member owes and has paid.



Another of the travel apps that is gaining popularity is AroundMe. Its system is similar to that of Google Maps, as it allows you to locate any nearby establishment that you can think of: banks, bars, pharmacies, etc. It will also help you find important events and points of interest.



Maybe your English is not perfect and you need a translator to communicate. Or maybe you went to Egypt or Japan, and you can’t find anyone to ask for a reference. If you have an iPhone or Android, don’t wait to download iTranslate, one of the most effective travel apps if it’s all about understanding and being understood.



Among the most useful travel apps you also have Moovit. With it you will be able to find out the state of transit and the transport system in your new city if you have taken a gap year, for example, or find out the frequency of buses and trains in Barcelona or Buenos Aires.

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