Have you ever wondered how the new year is celebrated in other countries and cultures? What is it like to live a New Year’s Eve in a warm climate? African traditions, for example, are full of colour, dance and music in the street.


-Cape Town receives the new year with spectacular fireworks and a multitude of foreign tourists ready to enjoy the party. In addition to the melodies of the Christmas bands, the ‘Malay Choirs’ fill the streets with popular rhythms with the air of swin, and the sound of the moppies, humorous pieces similar to the chirigotas, which are a fundamental part of the African traditions of end of the year.

But the real celebration in Cape Town takes place on January 2. That day is celebrated called Tweede Nuwe Jaar, which means «second new year». And why on that date? Because in the past that was the day when, after the celebrations of their masters, the slaves were finally allowed to rest and enjoy the arrival of the new year.


-Ethiopia, for its part, maintains the Julian calendar, so that the new year or Addis Amet begins for them in September, after the rainy season. They enjoy dances and celebrations in the open air, the girls collect yellow daisies to give to their mothers and the men place torches in the houses to ward off bad luck.


As you can see, the African traditions to receive the new year are many and very varied. And in such a vast continent and with such a mixture of cultures, we still have a lot to discover. Explore our blog and learn more about this wonderful continent!