The language barrier is a feeling that we have all experienced at some time and that we would like to experience on more than one occasion within a continent so varied in cultures and languages ​​spoken in Africa.

How will I get along with others? Can I survive? What if I need something urgent? These are questions that arise on these types of occasions, so in this post you will have the opportunity together with Only One of some online language resources for when you decide to travel without knowing English, a language that is undoubtedly necessary to handle.



This translator agency can help the traveler to translate documents of an official nature so that they are valid abroad in 150 languages.


Google translate

The Google translator stands out as the most important option when it comes to leaning on a trip. Google Translate uses a method called Statistical Machine Translation that processes thousands of already translated texts to determine patterns and relies on statistical analysis of words to translate text, voice, images, or video in real time from one language to another.

It «translates» more than 100 languages ​​and has plenty of features, among which stand out: offline translation, image translation, voice translation, voice translation, and translation of web pages and documents, among others.


iTranslate Voice 2

A simple and fast translator available for iOS and Android. With this application you can translate and have conversations in more than 40 languages.

Another feature is that iTranslate offers the possibility of speaking in your language on the smartphone and the device will translate it into the language that the other person understands.



Similar to the previous option. By using this application (paid), it can be dictated in the user’s language so that Vocre makes the translation into the desired language. It is available for iOS and Android.


Other app

Beyond the apps that serve as translators and that are very useful for those who assemble the suitcases, there are other tools that we can use on our trips.

When it comes to making themselves understood, they can rely on Google Maps (iOS, Android) to find out about the areas to visit and not fall for explanations that we do not understand.

An extra help is to install GateGuru (iOS, Android). The application finds everything you need: boarding gates (and updates changes in real time), waiting rooms, lounges, food areas, transportation between terminals and additional services.

The latest technology on the list is Expensify (iOS, Android), it is ideal for controlling travel expenses and keeping this important section in order.