The way of traveling has changed. New travelers don’t just want to “see”. They seek to experience, smell, touch, taste. Live unique, different sensations.

Which of these suggestions tempts you the most? eye! they are daring. Which of them do you dare?


-Avoid public transportation. Walk around to find the hidden gems.

-Make friends out of strangers. Discover the city together.

-Leave your phone in your pocket. You will see more things. Guaranteed.

-Understands the local lifestyle. Go to festivals if you can.

-Speak like a local (and with locals) by learning their language.

-Rent a bike. There’s nothing like the freedom of touring a new city on two wheels.

-Ask questions (How did you do that?). Once again, the tenants will know how to value your curiosity.

-Avoid tourists. Connect with tenants.

-Do whatever you want. Leave without regretting anything.