Contemplating the sunset can be a totally different spectacle, an activity that, with the immense diversity of the African continent, should undoubtedly become one of your first activities to do on your traveler’s list.

The African continent is home to some of the most beautiful places on the entire planet to witness the sunset. In this post we will get to know some of the best places to watch the sunset in Africa.



The multitude of nature reserves that can be found throughout the country, make it one of the favorite destinations to contemplate the sunset.



The coast of Madagascar, a curious island located in the Indian Ocean and inhabited by thousands of lemurs, has some of the best beaches in Africa and therefore also some of the best places to watch the sunset in Africa.



A destination of overwhelming beauty that offers, without a doubt, the perfect setting to enjoy the sunset in Africa.

Infinite dunes of fine sand, kilometers and kilometers of desert and nature in its purest form. All this, and more, is Namibia.


South Africa

A destination that offers everything any visitor could wish for: streets full of bars and frenetic activity such as the famous Long and Kloof Street; museums to understand the historical past of the city; towering mountain formations like Table Mountain and the 12 Apostles; and endless beautiful beaches where you can relax in the sun.



Kenya is one of the perfect destinations to be able to contemplate a beautiful sunset in Africa.

A beautiful country, shrouded in mystery, and whose wide plains extend beyond the eye, serving as a home to the large number of animal species that inhabit its lands.


The setting is essential, witnessing the sunset in Africa is a magical experience.