The country has a great diversity of habitats open to endless opportunities for wildlife.

Today, we want to show you our short list of Places in Kenya that will make you fall in love:


Mount Kenya

The landscape and vegetation varies from the rocky and glacial environment of the peaks to the senecios, lobelia and bamboo forests of the valleys and the grassy meadows where elephants, buffalo, zebras and antelope graze. It is about 180 kilometers from Nairobi. There are several refuges on the different routes that allow you to spend the night, some even with bunk beds, a dining room and toilets.


Amboseli National Park

Spectacular for the herds of elephants, you can fly over it in a balloon to appreciate its magnitude and beauty. In the image, a Maasai village, made up of manyhattas –huts made of mud and branches– protected by a palisade of thorns. About one and a half million Maasai live in Kenya.


Maasai Mara National Park

The best time to visit the Masai Mara is from the end of July to the end of September, when the great migration of wildebeest and zebra is already established in the park. The gigantic cavalcade of almost two million individuals reaches the Mara River in August. You have seen the scenes of when they try to wade across the river harassed by crocodiles hundreds of times in all the documentaries.



The second most populous city in the country is a contradictory visit. To many it just seems like a big, dirty, ugly city. Without discussing these aspects (which are unquestionable), for others, it has the interest of being a great historical center of Swahili culture, with Arab, British and Indian influences.


Lake Nakuru

Located about 150 kilometers from Nairobi, Lake Nakuru National Park is one of the best places in Africa (almost the world) to see birds. Its gigantic flocks of pink flamingos, sometimes numbering more than a million individuals, which feed on the algae that grow in its warm waters, served as unwitting extras for some of the most glorious scenes in Out of Africa (also filmed). many scenes in neighboring Lake Naivasha).