Traveling to distant countries, getting to know other cultures and discovering remote places on the world map are not dreams within the reach of millionaires. To prove it to you, we have created this list of cheap countries:



Traveling to Madagascar is having the opportunity to meet Lemurs, baobabs, jungle, desert, hiking, cruises and diving. All this for an affordable price.



Very little beaten by independent travelers, Mozambique is a paradise where you will only find local people and you will recognize it as one of the best countries in Africa. Speaking some Portuguese – or portunhol – will open many doors for you.



Lake Malawi is the source of life for this former British colony that now lives mainly on tourism. In addition, the cost of living makes Malawi one of the best countries in Africa in terms of value for money.


South Africa

Finally, we are going to include a country that may not be as cheap or easy to travel to, but it is one of the most westernized in Africa and is worth including for its natural beauty, diversity of landscapes, and powerful recent history.