When we think of the African continent we imagine savannahs, spectacular beaches and spectacular nature, it is often unlikely that we think that in places like Africa snowflakes fall on its arid drought-stricken deserts.

But a snow-deprived Africa is a misnomer, since, while snow is a foreign concept to much of the continent, it occurs (either regularly or as a rare phenomenon) in several of its 54 countries.

Equatorial snowy mountains

In Kenya’s Mount Kenya, Tanzania on Mount Kilimanjaro; The Rwenzori Mountains of Uganda and the Semien Mountains of Ethiopia; regular snowfalls have created ice-covered peaks, though most magically disappear.

Ski slopes in Africa

Incredibly, it is possible to put on skis and hit the slopes in Africa, the first place we will mention is in Oukaïmeden, in Morocco, where the chairlifts offer access to the 10,689-foot / 3,258-meter peak of Jebel Attar in the High Atlas Mountains, this place it has six downhill slopes, as well as slopes for beginners and intermediates and an area dedicated to sledding.

The small Kingdom of Lesotho, is the coldest country on the continent, snow is common, with some peaks that retain a layer of snow throughout the year. However, Afriski Mountain Resort remains the only ski destination in Lesotho.

Skiing is also possible in South Africa, specifically in the highlands of the Eastern Cape, which are home to the Tiffindell Ski Resort. The slopes are open to skiers and snowboarders throughout the southern hemisphere winter (June, July and August). A ski academy offers lessons for beginners, while a snow park offers jumps and rails for professionals.




Africa offers you thousands of opportunities to surprise yourself.