Africa is one of the most fascinating continents on the planet. Traveling to some of their countries implies, in many cases, doing some kind of safari to enjoy the unrepeatable spectacles that nature offers us.

Photos have become – increasingly – an important part of any trip. It is no longer enough to live the experience and tell it to family and friends: it must also be shown.

In this post we give you some photography tips so that you can get the most out of your mobile phone or camera:


Find the best times to take photos

There are animal species that are most active at dawn or dusk, so these will be the most favorable hours to be able to capture a good snapshot.


Learn from the best

Documentaries, image galleries, specialized magazines, portfolios of specialized photographers … If you have the opportunity, attend a workshop, workshop or talk with professionals.


Think and rethink the photo

Think about what you want to photograph: are you going to focus on wildlife? Do you want to focus on landscapes? Perhaps a specific animal / animals?


Make light your best ally

Correct light is key for any photo, especially in nature. Sunrise and sunset are the best times.


Try to make your photo have a meaning, to tell something

If what you want is to give your image much more realism, try to focus on a set of elements or a precise moment that makes your photo have a special meaning, that something happens in the moment captured. Try not to just photograph for the sake of photographing.



You are going to live a unique experience. You will be surrounded by pure nature, seeing animals that, perhaps until then, you had only seen in magazines and documentaries. You will smell the jungle, feel the wild life and experience sensations that, outside of this continent, are difficult to have.