Some people are a bit smug about traveling on tour, but if you feel better about touring, go for it! Also, it doesn’t matter what other people think. The only important thing is what works best for you and what you feel comfortable with.


you will never be alone

Africa can be a lonely travel destination at times. You’ll often meet people at hostels, but when you’re traveling alone you can’t always guarantee that you’ll find friends to travel with on every leg of your trip.


you will make new friends

Travel and shared experiences connect you with others on your journey.


They strengthen your confidence

Taking a group tour of Africa is a great introduction to the continent and can give you the confidence to travel further.


They can be very cheap

Traveling alone can be expensive, so one of the great benefits of group travel is that other people share the cost of things like safaris and activities. A safari for 1 or 2 people is more expensive than a safari for 5 or 6 people.