Uganda is often known as «the pearl of Africa», since there are a good number of destinations that in recent decades have been flooded by tourists, so its nickname is fully verifiable if you discover its corners.

Therefore, we have brought a concise list of reasons for traveling to Uganda. So that you no longer have excuses to postpone your trip to this wonderful part of Africa.


Fascinating National Parks

Uganda has 10 National Parks, each of them is special and different from the rest. Among them, we could mention: Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison Falls National Park, Kibale Forest National Park, among others.

Immersing yourself in any of this will make your trip to Uganda an unparalleled experience by being able to spot an exaggerated concentration of wild animals in their natural habitat.


An exceptional fauna

As we have mentioned in the previous statement, traveling to this country is being able to find yourself with the possibility of seeing a great landscape diversity, without forgetting the thousand species of animals.

In fact, many people come to Uganda to observe the famous mountain gorilla, but with a few days of safari, you can also see lions (among them the famous «tree lions» of Ishasha), leopards, elephants, giraffes.


Infinity of activities

Uganda is one of the few safari destinations where the possibility of other activities in which we will leave the 4X4 aside is more than remarkable.

You can choose between excursions through the equatorial jungle in search of gorillas and chimpanzees, off-road safaris through the great national parks, bird watching, hiking and trekking in the Rwenzori and in the Mount Elgon massif, canoeing or horseback riding. Everything you can imagine, Uganda can offer you.


Northern ethnic groups

The best thing about traveling to Africa will always be to be able to interact with its people and, to be able to know a culture with some beliefs and customs far from Western norms.

In fact, in the surroundings of Kidepo, we find a very wide ethnographic wealth. In the mountains of Morungole, outside the Kidepo National Park, it is the place where the Ik ethnic group lives. And, in Kaabong, there is the Karamajong ethnic group. They are divided into two main groups: the Dodoth and the Jie.

So you can imagine everything you could enjoy finding such cultural diversity


A «manageable» size

Compared to its popular neighbors Kenya and Tanzania, Uganda is a small country, and although road conditions and speed limits are more time consuming than short distances suggest, its main attractions can be discovered fairly quickly.

For trips that last more than a week, if you want to observe gorillas and participate in some safaris and activities that require visits to the most iconic places in the country, it will be almost essential to use the services of a travel agency.

And this is where we can offer you the best tours created to give you a unique experience in Uganda: