The Seychelles are a jewel for exploring a perfectly preserved nature, swimming in crystal clear waters and walking along the beaches and the less traveled trails.

Visiting this corner of Africa, entering a place that seems from another world and being astonished by so much beauty. If you are wondering why travel to the Seychelles, keep reading, in this post we will tell you the reasons why you should go to Seychelles.

It’s the definition of Paradise

Seychelles is not only about white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, but these are surrounded by lush vegetation and intense colors, as well as large characteristic rocks.

It has many more pluses, such as a perfect climate that oscillates between 24 and 32ºC throughout the year. That is, zero waves of unbearable heat and, of course, zero coats.


Because you can explore several of its islands

Of the 115 islands of the archipelago only 30 are inhabited (90 percent live in Mahé), and except for Victoria, the rest of the populations follow the line of small villages scattered on the beach, hidden between the mountains invaded by jungle or, raised close to the luxury hotels, where most of the residents work.


Do different sports

Here you can do many sports and activities! Underwater exploration with snorkeling, scuba diving, hiking the trails of Mahé and other islands, boat trips, or fishing.


A unique fauna and flora

The Seychelles archipelago is home to many endemic species of flora and fauna. The famous «sea coconut» is one of the 1,000 emblematic species of the island’s endemic flora. The climatic conditions of this island on the African continent make it have unique landscapes, full of exuberant vegetation.


Visit one of the most beautiful seabed in the world

Its seabed is one of the most beautiful in the world and one of the biggest tourist attractions in the area. In fact, one of the favorite activities for adventurers is diving with whale sharks and the great rays and turtles that can be seen underwater. This is one of the main reasons to travel to the Seychelles.


Travel to Seychelles with Only One
Seychelles is a heavenly place and, of course, we couldn’t wait another moment to present you our exclusive tour of the paradise of the Indian Ocean, so if you want these archipelagos to be one of your next destinations, click here.