In today’s article we are going to review some of the reasons why it is important, if not essential, not to forget to take out travel insurance and always carry it in your backpack when you go on a trip.


-You will eat without fear

It is easier to satisfy your gastronomic curiosity without worries knowing that if something goes wrong you have the backing of travel insurance that covers all medical expenses.


-You can take risks doing what you want most

Traveling as we like, close to nature, exposing ourselves to the elements and living the adventure, it is important to be insured for everything that the pacha mama (Mother Earth) has in store for us.



Travel insurance with worldwide coverage covers you to infinity and beyond. However, check what amount of medical expenses it covers, we recommend that you have at least 18,000 euros or its equivalent in dollars.


-The usual

We all get sick at least once a year from a cold, cough or fever.


And remember that, Warned Traveler is worth two.