There is nothing that makes you more angry than wanting to do something because… you only live once!

We have all gone on vacation with the family, a group of friends or with your partner… and sometimes it’s great and you have a great time. But on other occasions you may feel that you have neither voice nor vote, that you always have to give in and that others are the ones who decide for you.

Today, we give you some reasons why a solo trip will make you feel like never before.


you set the limits

Well, now you don’t need to ask for permission, or agree, or coordinate schedules. You can go when (and where) you want.


you know people

On the other hand, when you travel alone, you are approached by other travelers in the same situation with whom who knows, a lifelong friendship may arise or simply an interesting chat.


nobody judges you

you dress how you want, eat what you want and if your English is not the best, it will improve. Traveling alone is being who you want without fear of what they will say, so simply do what you feel like.


you keep the best

If you go on vacation alone or alone you can enjoy your time and plan what you are going to do at your own pace, without rushing and without having to worry about whether your fellow travelers get tired or prefer to take a nap.


physical and mental cleansing

When you go on a trip alone, you don’t come back the same. That week or days that you are traveling will only serve to clarify your ideas, reflect and get to know yourself better. You will come back refreshed and with your batteries very charged, probably, until you decide what to do in situations in which you doubted.