Tanzania is known as one of the most intriguing destinations on earth. To speak of this country is to refer to the home of humanity, an evolution that comes into our existence and touches its soul.

This is usually one of the first countries we think of when we start planning a trip to black Africa, especially when we focus on safaris, finding the wildest nature and meeting tribes that show their culture and way of life.


Enjoy the wildest nature

Probably being able to immerse yourself in the wildest nature in Tanzania is one of the main reasons to visit it. Being able to enjoy having one of the Big 5 just a few meters away, we assure you, is a unique experience.

In fact, in this part of the continent you have the opportunity to go in 4 * 4 and have a lion or elephant cross your path while you enjoy a Tanzania wildlife trip, 7 days,or during your stay of 11 days climbing Kilimanjaro and touring 3 major national parks in Tanzania.


Live sunsets full of magic

In Tanzania, the sky is decked out, both day and night. There are so many shades of blue and such incredible clouds that you could spend hours and hours just staring at the sky.

The sunsets in this part of the planet last longer than in the rest, looking like they want to say goodbye in the best possible way: leaving you unforgettable images, reflecting in the savannah and splashing it with surprising tones


Its beaches and its biodiversity

In Tanzania you will find beaches of fine white sand, surrounded by coral reefs where you can enjoy not only paradise in the water but also out of it.

Great unknowns (except those of Zanzibar), the beaches of Tanzania are usually magnificent.


Get closer to the Maasai culture

No other culture is equal to the Maasai, these being a people that continues on. The brave appearance of the Maasai, wearing a colorful cloth called Shuka and elaborate beaded ornaments, gives us a sense of the natural beauty and strength of human beings.

Take a tour of the Masai villages in Kenya and Tanzania to see the famous Masai Falls and discover their life and culture.


Climb Kilimanjaro

It is a mountain located in the northeastern part of Tanzania, a world natural heritage of Kilimanjaro with its diversity of flora, fauna and beautiful mountain ranges.

While some are content to admire it from afar, the roof of Africa tempts many walkers. However, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro requires some physical preparation, which is why some prefer to start with Mount Merú, a lower but equally impressive volcano.