Its cultural mix and great wildlife make Namibia one of the favorite destinations among the most passionate travelers. During your tour of this country, you will be in front of a true spectacle of nature with its immense dunes, its animal reserves and its Etosha National Park

That is why the reasons for venturing into this former German colony are shadowy, which we will mention below:


It is a safe and protected country

Namibia is a country that offers excellent comfort conditions, especially in its rural accommodations. In addition, it is a safe and modern country.

It is difficult for you to be involved in a robbery or robbery with violence in this African country, but the greatest danger when traveling in Namibia is traffic accidents.


Spectacular scenery

Namibia is known for offering some of the most varied landscapes for travelers to enjoy.

This country allows you to enjoy an infinite range of natural landscapes with its sand dunes, its Etosha national park, its Grand Canyon, its «skeleton coast» and the borderless Damaraland region where desert elephants live. black rhinos and desert lions.


Its wild fauna

Traveling through Namibia, you will be able to meet a multitude of animals in the wild, from giraffes, elephants, Orix or zebras.

But without a doubt, the strong point of this country, in terms of fauna, you will find it in the Etosha National Park. One of the best places in Africa to spot the Big Five.


Know the different ethnicities

The Himbas, the Damaras, the Ovambos, the Afrikaners, are some of the numerous ethnic groups that live in Namibia and are proof of the great diversity and authentic cultural and social wealth that this country has.


Quality accommodation

There is nothing better than good accommodation after an intense day of travel. And, Namibia can offer you an ideal place to sleep peacefully after a highly stimulating day.

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