One of the few things that makes traveling better is doing it with your perfect travel companion.

If you want it to be an even more special experience, it is for your travel companion to be your best friend. Here are some reasons why your best friend could also be your best travel companion:


more local jokes

This is the true joy of traveling with your best friend: together, you will share moments abroad that no one else can understand.


Get out of your comfort zone

If best friends are good for anything, it’s for embarrassing you sometimes and supporting you when you try new things. This helps a lot when you travel.


be yourself

Spending a lot of time with one person can cause you to act, talk, and think in similar ways. Even though you love your friend for their different views on life, being on the same page and acting like «yourself» isn’t so bad when traveling.


Planning the trip is more fun

Two heads are better than one when planning the most anticipated trip of a friend.


Packing is easier

Packing is the worst thing about traveling, at least that’s my opinion. It helps a lot to have someone to brainstorm ideas about what to pack.