Africa holds surprises for you and your travel list this month, read until the end and discover everything that this unexplored continent has to offer you:


South Africa and Eswathi (formerly Swaziland) Safari, scenic and cultural tour of the area 8 days

Kruger National Park,
Bride River Canyon, St Lucia,
A trip to the old kingdom eswastini (formerly Swaziland) that was left behind

Explore the highlights of south Africa’s eastern region sand the Estiwani Kingdom, where there are still few tourists to visit. Enjoy the Big Five in Kruger National Park. The Valley Bride River Canio, called the Grand Canyon in Africa, is overwhelmed by the spectacular scenery.

Take a drive across the border to the old kingdom Eswastini (formerly Swaziland), encounter swazi culture, and experience a different safari at muraura nature reserve. Here you can go cycling or hiking and enjoy a safari on foot. Once again, you’ll find a wide variety of views and cultures from Kwazulu-Natal. You’ll see the unique culture, dance and colorful traditional crafts that the Zulus protect.

The second half of the trip will take you to Greater St Lucia Wetland Park, Africa’s largest kava habitat. You can enjoy boat safaris and bird watching. It is a travel plan recommended for those who want a little different spices while enjoying the safari experience fully, wanting to experience the culture, and enjoying the side road course.


An 8-day journey through Madagascar’s World Heritage Sites

Cultural Heritage «Kingdom on Ambohinga Hill» , Natural Heritage «Tsingy», Kirindy Nature Reserve. A journey down the Baobab Tree Road
Within our limited time, you will enjoy the nature of Madagascar and learn about the history of this great island country.

The tour begins with a visit to Madagascar’s only cultural heritage, «Ambhimanga Hill». We’ll start by learning about Madagascar. From the next day, we will head to Morondava to take a look at the life of the local people in the fishing village of Bethany, and visit the famous «tree-lined road of Baobau». In Bemaraha National Park, you will walk the natural heritage of Tsingy and enjoy the magnificent view created by nature. At the end of the tour, you will meet cute animals in Kirindi Reserve.


Kilimanjaro and Safari in northern Tanzania

Kilimanjaro and Safari in northern Tanzania
We will send it to those who want to experience the great nature of Africa.

Among Africa’s richest continents, Tanzania has many national parks and nature reserves, and is also famous for the Kilimanjaro, one of the highest peaks of the seven continents. Tanzania is perfect for those who want to feel the majestic nature of Africa.

We will climb kilimanjaro in the first half of the tour, 7 days and 6 nights. Then take a stroll through typical national parks and nature reserves such as Tarangire, Ngorongoro and Serengeti. In addition to the game unit on Lake Manyara, you can also visit Masai Village and Ordubai Gorge as options. We also offer cultural experience tours, such as farm tours and walking safaris with local healers.


Namibian Desert Local 4-Day Mixed Loading Tour

Overnight lodge, Namib Desert Express.
This is a mixed tour recommended for those who want to go to only the Namib Desert that they yearn for.

Stay for 2 nights in the lodge around Naukluft National Park and visit the Dune 45, Dead Frey and Sessriem Valley. Since it runs daily from Namibia’s capital, Windhoek, we recommend a round trip in combination with Cape Town in South Africa.