If you are looking for the perfect destination for such a special occasion, this is a list of romantic African destinations that will steal your heart. Meet our recommendations:


Seychelles and its beaches

With its powdery ivory-sand beaches, hidden coves and lush tropical forest, Seychelles has everything you need for a dreamy romantic evening.


South Africa and its vineyards

The Cape Winelands enchant romantics each year with its dazzling valleys, dramatic mountain scenery, quaint villages, lavish guesthouses, award-winning restaurants and historic wine estates.


Tanzania and Zanzibar

This East African island offers perfect golden sand beaches, turquoise waters and an exotic and captivating mix of cultures. Home to the ancient Stone City (listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site), with its endless alleys and ornate wooden gates.


Zambia and Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is one of the seven natural wonders of the world and another of the most romantic places on the continent. For this reason, the luxury hotels around the falls offer an unforgettable stay for your first married days.