If you want to live a unique experience with that special person, we invite you to read our recommendations for this Valentine’s Day:


Kenya Express Tour 4 days

The tour begins in Nairobi, Kenya’s capital, and journeys through the country to the «Masai Mara Game Reserve» on the same day. The flight time from Nairobi to Masai Mara is about 50 minutes. We spend 3 nights and 4 days here, enjoying the safari! It is a perfect tour for those who want to have a long-time safari experience, even while on short trips.

The Masai Mara National Reserve is located in the Southwestern area of Kenya adjoining the Serengeti National Park in Northern Tanzania, and is famous for the large migration of wildebeest and zebras during the season. It is incredibly rich in wildlife across all species of carnivorous, herbivorous and omnivorous nature. It is the ultimate animal kingdom, a safari experience like no other.

Located in the heart of the Mara Triangle (Masai Mara West, an area between the 400-metre-high cliffs of Oloololo and the Mara River), the property is set on a small hill overlooking the Mara River, famous for its river crossing. It is the best place for the remote game safari, where you can feel the signs of the animals while watching the vast Masai Mara from atop the hill.

Even with a short stay, there are «6 game drives» so you can enjoy lots of game viewing. Hop into the Land Cruiser and brace for a good viewing, going up to the banks of the river, looking for the animals that await your presence.


Mozambique Classic Tour 10 Days

Safaris and beautiful beaches, experience the charm of Mozambique
If you travel to Mozambique, the beautiful ocean and the Indian Ocean safari are the best. This tour will take you to a summary of Mozambique’s fascinating locations and enjoy luxurious beach resorts and safaris. A spectacular safari experience in Gorongoza National Park, a theme that has been destroyed by the conflict but has undergone a miraculous resurrection. Big animals like elephants, buffaloes and lions are in front of you. In the crystal clear waters of Tofu and the Bazaruto Islands, you can take a traditional Arabian-style sailboat «Dow» and sail to the coast. Snorkeling and relaxing experience on the beach. Enjoy a paradise in the Indian Ocean where colorful fish, sea turtles and whale sharks live.

On the island of Mozambique, a World Heritage Site, you will find the unforgettable landscape of the colonial era of Portugal and explore the thriving history of the time. Come to the attractions of Mozambique, where there are relatively few tourists.


World’s toughest tour of hell in Ethiopia 6 days

The Danakil Desert spreads in eastern Africa, northeastern Ethiopia and southern Eritrea. At an altitude of 116m above sea level, the temperature is close to 50℃ in summer and exceeds 40℃ in winter, and it is known as the hottest place for humankind to live in.

Due to such harsh conditions, it is called the world’s toughest tour, but the scenery that can be seen that much is something that can not be thought of on the earth.

‘Caravan’ like a scene of a movie where camels walk in a row, ‘Dalol volcano’, a miracle of nature that has been built over the years, ‘Elta Are volcano’ that has been active since ancient times, etc. The scenery as if you were on the planet spreads in front of you.

‘Notendomari’ where you can see the stars as you blend in with nature, peek into the magma boiling like hell from the edge of a volcano, and an exciting and extraordinary experience awaits you.

The best season for the Danakil Desert is from November to February when the dry season is relatively cool.


Amboseli Naivasha Masai Mara 8-Day Trip

A royal route that runs through the three major parks in Kenya, «Lake Naivasha National Park», «Masai Mara National Reserve» and «Amboseli National Park».

«Naibasha Lake National Park» where you can enjoy boat safari and walking safari Kenya’s most famous wild kingdom «Masai Mara Reserve» and «Amboseli National Park» where the Maasai coexist with animals overlooking Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa. If you connect these three parks on the map, it will look like a triangle.

It is the definitive safari tour from beginners to repeaters.