Today, we will introduce you to The Royal Hill of Ambohimanga, a place that could become your next destination of sacred places in Africa.

This is the only UNESCO World Heritage site in Madagascar due to its cultural relevance. It includes a royal citadel and necropolis, as well as a set of sacred places covered with a sacred character and closely linked to the feeling of national identity.

This place has been the object of veneration among the population for five centuries and continues to be today a place of worship visited by pilgrims from all over the island of Madagascar. In addition, it is the cradle of the kingdom and the dynasty that has made Madagascar a modern state, internationally recognized since 1817.

Here, you will be able to observe a clear archaeological proof of the ancient exercise of power and justice, along with the vestiges that comprise it: Two palaces and a small pavilion, an «ox-pit», two sacred basins and four royal tombs. In addition, the designated property houses remnants of a primary forest that preserves numerous species of endemic and medicinal plants.

The cultural significance of the site goes beyond history, and is that it is a sacred place revered by Malagasy people, who come to invoke royal spirits and ask for their protection and good fortune. Immersing yourself in the midst of so much spirituality will be a story that will remain for posterity.