The safaris stand out for offering the possibility of discovering and admiring various species.

And even if you have traveled to other places in the world before, nothing compares to going on a safari through one of the best nature reserves on the planet.

If you are thinking of going on a safari or if you have already organized yours, this post will be great for you.

Discover Curiosities of the Safaris.


Safaris refer to travel

When talking about safaris, it is common to think of the image of the classic explorers.

However, we must point out that in reality, the safari concept encompasses many things. The word «safari» is a Swahili word, which comes from the Arabic language and means «travel».


Safaris and sustainable tourism

Over the years, after years filled with animal hunting, safaris began to be linked to both conservation and sustainable tourism, with the main purpose being simply animal sighting.


Africa’s Big Five

During the 19th century, trophy hunters began referring to elephants, buffalo, rhinos, lions, and leopards as the «Big Five.»


modern safari

Although the traditional African safaris are focused on the observation of African fauna, the truth is that they do not only imply that; In fact, modern safaris are characterized by combining this type of encounter where it is possible to photograph wildlife along with various equally incredible experiences.