Only One offers the best Safari experience in Africa ♪  Commitments to your trip

1Commitment to off-road transportation

Land cruises cost around $ 100 more per day than minivans. However, in a savannah where there are many swamps and it is easy to stack, you cannot go out alone if you stack without a 4WD land cruiser, and when you run towards the animal when you see rare animals such as lions, the land cruise Another advantage is that you can run At a faster speed than the minivan type.

The only African land cruise is made in the country for the savanna and comes with suspension, but the trucks are not made that way and are not comfortable to drive. The Land Cruiser also has custom seats for the savanna and has a retractable window that can be viewed from any seat during a safari visit. All land cruises are handmade, while the vans have built-in mechanical sensors. After the rain, there are plenty of swamps and ponds, and the land cruise may continue in the pond, but the van breaks down if its sensor gets even a little wet, so it should drift and spend more time. There is a downside that it will. (Not surprisingly, only Land Cruiser and Jeep operate in Tanzania).

2Commitment to your tent or stay

Savannah offers a variety of lodging options, from large hotels to small tents. For those who want to enjoy the desert of the African savannah, we recommend a luxury store. We select tents located in national parks where the animals walk in front of the tents, based on a camp of less than 20 tents.

Some camps have only 6 tents. Wouldn’t it be a once-in-a-lifetime experience to have a conversation with other guests with common tastes and interests about the day safari experience under a starry sky, surrounded by fire and wine? We also offer a type of accommodation for children and clients who value comfort. Of course, curing the fatigue of your trip to the spa in the desert and playing with the children in the pool will be a once in a lifetime memory.

3Commitment to the driver

We work with experienced licensed national park guide guides, who understand not only about hospitality, but also clients spend their valuable time and money to get the best experience. We will run through the savanna from morning to night to detect as many animals as possible, explaining about them. The emergency response and respond quickly and carefully in case of injury or illness.


Commitment to your itinerary and situation

On the morning of the savannah, time passes quickly and slowly. Realizing that every second is an important moment, breakfast eats animals in front of the savanna trees and a glass of champagne on a hill watching the sunset at dusk. We will produce such a special situation.

5Commitment to your food and drinks

The savanna climate is cold in the morning and in the afternoon and very hot and dry during the day. The throat dries out while driving the game, so there is always cold water, soda, beer etc. in the car. Cold morning and night units are also available with hot coffee and tea. Daily travel and unknown diets in areas with different environments tend to cause decreased appetite and poor physical condition. We also offer light on-site meals, miso soup, souvenirs, and pickled ochazuke to suit your fitness. To enjoy local food as much as possible, we offer chicken, pork, beef, lamb, fish and other dishes every day. Fresh highland vegetables are essential for breakfast. We also have soy sauce, ponzu, garlic, wasabi, ginger, and Japanese-style soup for all tastes.


Commitment to price

We will deliver the best trip at a better price. It is inevitable that it will be expensive to deliver the trip with a compromise. However, we are getting better rates from our longstanding direct contracts with hotels and drivers. The Land Cruiser is also owned by 10 companies, so it costs less than renting from other companies, so we keep it reasonably priced. Also, since it does not go through a Japanese travel agency, it does not cost more than 10%.

7Commitment to your small group

Which do you prefer, big or small? Nature travel safari is very sensitive. Talking, sneezing, or surprised or pleased and involuntary yelling will cause the animal to escape. Also, customers have different tastes: some people like photography, others like birds, and others like animals. The more people you have, the more your preferences will be divided. Large numbers of people also take time to eat, travel and shop, and waste valuable safari time. To satisfy the customer’s maximum preferences and interests, the maximum number of people that can travel in a car is 6 people.

8Commitment to time

The best season is not always an excuse. In the best season, people are more concentrated everywhere than animals. A single lion can be surrounded by more than ten lions, and it is not pleasant to see the environment that stresses animals. The savanna has animals throughout the year. Depending on what you want to see and what interests you, select an area or hotel that attracts as few tourists as possible and enjoy a special feeling in nature.

9Commitment to your safety

We communicate closely with the government and the six tourist offices to ensure the latest security information. A radio is always available in the car, and a TPU (Tourist Police Unit) radio is also used to provide an emergency response system at any time. Skilled and professional drivers are well-versed in the savannah, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost even in a large savanna.

10Commitment to your guide

The savanna has many animals and creatures, and its unique nature has spread. Since some difficult technical words appear, I think having a good understanding of Japanese will make the savannah more enjoyable. An early morning game on the savannah or something different from your normal food can make you sick. I think the customer’s sense of security is different if there is no Japanese guide for such an emergency response. We are proud that only one staff is indispensable to offer the best customer experience and bring back only one memory.

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