At this time of year, temperatures on the African continent are usually a little higher than those you can find in months like June, July or August.

In the month of December, most of the African countries are in the summer season, considered as the wet season.

But, it is not serious news, in fact, December is ideal to visit and do safaris in some of the countries of the continent. If you want to know which ones, stay until the end and read our proposals:


Kenya safaris

The rains end in December in the incredible Kenya, the clear sky and the warm weather approach in January and February being one of the warmest months of the year. Wildlife congregates around the wells and the climate remains ideal for diving adventures.


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Safaris in Tanzania

Tanzania has a climate similar to that of Kenya. It has a season with more rains that extends from April to May and another with shorter rains that occupies the months of November and December. The average temperature in this country is 27ºC, however, in the summer months like December this temperature can rise a few degrees.


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Kilimanjaro and Safari in northern Tanzania



Uganda safaris

Uganda is a country close to the equator, so temperatures do not vary greatly. As in many African countries, there are two seasons: one dry and one wet. In the month of December there are usually short rains and even, at the end of the month, the driest weather begins.

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