In view of the fact that there are only a few months left until the end of the year, we believe that it is time to list and prioritize your travel motives and begin to learn about each option that best suits them.

In order to help you create your perfect safari itinerary, we have created an exclusive list of our best tours of Africa to observe animals in their natural habitat. So read to the end and feel free to contact us.


Kilimanjaro and Safari in northern Tanzania

Kilimanjaro and Safari in northern Tanzania
We will send it to those who want to experience the great nature of Africa.

Among Africa’s richest continents, Tanzania has many national parks and nature reserves, and is also famous for the Kilimanjaro, one of the highest peaks of the seven continents. Tanzania is perfect for those who want to feel the majestic nature of Africa.

We will climb kilimanjaro in the first half of the tour, 7 days and 6 nights. Then take a stroll through typical national parks and nature reserves such as Tarangire, Ngorongoro and Serengeti. In addition to the game unit on Lake Manyara, you can also visit Masai Village and Ordubai Gorge as options. We also offer cultural experience tours, such as farm tours and walking safaris with local healers.


South Africa and Eswathi (formerly Swaziland) Safari, scenic and cultural tour of the area 8 days

Kruger National Park,
Bride River Canyon, St Lucia,
A trip to the old kingdom eswastini (formerly Swaziland) that was left behind

Explore the highlights of south Africa’s eastern region sand the Estiwani Kingdom, where there are still few tourists to visit. Enjoy the Big Five in Kruger National Park. The Valley Bride River Canio, called the Grand Canyon in Africa, is overwhelmed by the spectacular scenery.

Take a drive across the border to the old kingdom Eswastini (formerly Swaziland), encounter swazi culture, and experience a different safari at muraura nature reserve. Here you can go cycling or hiking and enjoy a safari on foot. Once again, you’ll find a wide variety of views and cultures from Kwazulu-Natal. You’ll see the unique culture, dance and colorful traditional crafts that the Zulus protect.

The second half of the trip will take you to Greater St Lucia Wetland Park, Africa’s largest kava habitat. You can enjoy boat safaris and bird watching. It is a travel plan recommended for those who want a little different spices while enjoying the safari experience fully, wanting to experience the culture, and enjoying the side road course.


Botswana Safari Camp Tour 7 Days

World heritage representing Botswana
A trip to enjoy the Okavango Delta
Although not well known to the Japanese, Botswana is a relatively safe country in Africa and is extremely rich in mineral resources such as diamonds and has one of the most economical powers in Africa. Also, since there are relatively few tourists, you can enjoy a quiet and relaxing trip.

Enjoy the untouched nature of Botswana as you move through the campgrounds at the world’s largest inland delta, the Okavango Delta, in the Kalahari Desert, north of Botswana.


Kenya’s Golden Triangle Safari Tour

Wildlife paradise
In the savannah that extends infinitely.
Let’s go find animal encounters.

A royal route through Kenya’s three main parks: Lake Nakuru National Park, Masai Mara National Reserve and Amboseli National Park.

«The Lake Nakuru National Park», where animals such as Rothschild’s giraffe and black rhino are inhabited in the Wild Kingdom, which is said to be Kenya’s main «Masai Mara Reserve» and «Amboseri» where the Masai tribes coexist with the animals , looking for the highest peak in Africa. National Park When you connect these three parks on the map, it looks like a triangle.

Safari beginners for repeaters is the definitive edition of the safari tour.


An 8-day journey through Madagascar’s World Heritage Sites

Cultural Heritage «Kingdom on Ambohinga Hill» , Natural Heritage «Tsingy», Kirindy Nature Reserve. A journey down the Baobab Tree Road
Within our limited time, you will enjoy the nature of Madagascar and learn about the history of this great island country.

The tour begins with a visit to Madagascar’s only cultural heritage, «Ambhimanga Hill». We’ll start by learning about Madagascar. From the next day, we will head to Morondava to take a look at the life of the local people in the fishing village of Bethany, and visit the famous «tree-lined road of Baobau». In Bemaraha National Park, you will walk the natural heritage of Tsingy and enjoy the magnificent view created by nature. At the end of the tour, you will meet cute animals in Kirindi Reserve.


Mozambique Classic Tour 10 Days

Safaris and beautiful beaches, experience the charm of Mozambique
If you travel to Mozambique, the beautiful ocean and the Indian Ocean safari are the best. This tour will take you to a summary of Mozambique’s fascinating locations and enjoy luxurious beach resorts and safaris. A spectacular safari experience in Gorongoza National Park, a theme that has been destroyed by the conflict but has undergone a miraculous resurrection. Big animals like elephants, buffaloes and lions are in front of you. In the crystal clear waters of Tofu and the Bazaruto Islands, you can take a traditional Arabian-style sailboat «Dow» and sail to the coast. Snorkeling and relaxing experience on the beach. Enjoy a paradise in the Indian Ocean where colorful fish, sea turtles and whale sharks live.

On the island of Mozambique, a World Heritage Site, you will find the unforgettable landscape of the colonial era of Portugal and explore the thriving history of the time. Come to the attractions of Mozambique, where there are relatively few tourists.