Beaches with crystal clear waters, white sand, coconut trees, coral reefs and tranquility in every corner: this is Santa María, known locally as Nosy Boraha.

This former South Sea pirate lair is an island off the east coast of Madagascar that is organized as the city of Isla Santa Maria.

The seabed of Santa María and its surroundings is one of the great tourist attractions in the area, since nowadays, it is well known as an exceptional diving place, where during the southern winter, the humpback whales of Antarctica come to be installed to reproduce. In addition, the tracks left by pirates in Antongil and Tintingue bays have made this place a paradise full of history, here you can visit their cemetery, unique in the world. You can also stroll through the primary forest to discover lemurs or admire orchids, including the magnificent Queen of Madagascar.

Tourist accommodation is not a problem. The island has an interesting hotel offer that escapes from overcrowding.