Against the background of global economic uncertainty, in 2023 travel will continue to be prioritized, but with the difference that people will make the most of their budget.

2023 will be the year in which destinations are sought with more price in mind.

The tendency to adjust the budget by taking advantage of offers and making better planning, and at the same time looking for a good value for money using discounts and loyalty programs is noticing.

More than half of travelers (55%) will save money by searching for off-season destinations, while the majority (63%) will plan their trips further in advance to get a better deal.

Lastly, more than half (52%) will opt for one or two longer vacations rather than several short getaways to fit their budget.

So, as you can see, for the experience to be worthwhile, good planning and adjustments to your demands and desires are required within the estimates of a trip, without leaving aside the expectations of the chosen destination(s).

That is why it will be useful to have the support of travel agencies that know how to listen to the demands of travelers.

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