Today, you will discover more reasons why you should embark on the trip of your dreams:


-Living unique experiences in environments other than those we are used to provide us with learning and knowledge that improve us as people. It gives us another vision about things, about relationships, about religion, about the way different cultures deal with life.

-Traveling and getting to know new countries and cultures broadens our vision of society. It makes us more respectful and flexible, since we learn to value the needs and thought patterns of the people we meet.

-Going on an exciting trip is the best way to get to know oneself. We temporarily leave our daily context and visit a totally different environment, which can help us gain perspective on who we are and what we want in life.

-The experiences we live during trips make us secrete different hormones of happiness, such as endorphins. When we are away from home we forget work and family concerns and obligations. During a trip we carry out activities that we like and that promote our relationships with other people.