Going to some of the most important cities in Africa is a fantasy and, if you want to know which are the most visited countries on the continent in order to plan your trip, do not miss this list of countries:



It is a magical country full of adventures and that will help you understand that rest and adventure are not incompatible. Kenya offers the best of Africa as it has a lot of fauna in its National Parks that are a must for tourists.



It is one of the countries that also stands out for its nature reserves and some tours on the Zambezi River or the Victoria Falls.



Tanzania is an ideal country to visit parks and nature reserves, especially in the north of the country.

It also has many landscapes, incredible beaches, parks and nature reserves and many ancient and modern sites that you cannot forget to visit.



A visit to Mozambique will leave you impressed thanks to the fact that you will be able to carry out very exciting activities, you will find an incredible gastronomy and a hospitality of its inhabitants difficult to find in other places.