Writing a travel journal transports you to the places you visited and allows you to remember flavors and smells. Plus, having your adventures on paper, or in the cloud if you’re tech-savvy, allows you to share them and inspire others to discover new places.

If you think the same as us, then these tips will surely help you:


-Be so creativeThis way, the contents of the travelogue will look very cool and will reflect the excitement you feel when traveling. Don’t be afraid to use markers, paints, watercolors, glitters and any materials.

-Get a rock-hard travel notebook. Buy a travel notebook with acid-free paper! Most art professionals use it because it doesn’t yellow or break.

-Before getting down to work, get the necessary materials to make your travel notebook.

-Depending on your style and what you want to tell, your journal is a guide, an itinerary, a recipe book or all together! Discover your purpose while visiting new places.

-Begin the contents of the travel notebook as an itinerary. Investigate the places you want to know or what you are interested in doing so that you do not miss anything.

-Do not take the travel diary so literally and do it as if it were an album. With captures of the mountain you climbed or the restaurant where you ate, etc…

-Think about what inspires you and give your writing a theme.

-It sounds a bit obvious, but if you don’t travel, how do you fill out a travel notebook? Pack your suitcase, go out to explore the world and live experiences