This city is the favorite of many partiers and vacationers from all over the world. This small portion of Bavaria is sandwiched between the deserts of the NamibNaukluft National Park to the southeast and the Skeleton Coast further north.

The city center has retained much of its colonial character with beautiful old German colonial buildings. It has some of the best tourist facilities in the country. In addition, Swakopmund is the main springboard for exploring the spectacular Skeleton Coast.


Places to visit in Swakopmund

Swakopmund Museum, this place offers a comprehensive perspective of the city and its surroundings and has important historical and ethnological collections.

Sandwich Harbor, this wetland is home to a considerable number of migratory birds en route from their nesting grounds in the northern hemisphere to the warmer climates of the west coast of the Cape. In a good year, up to 50,000 winter birds can be found here.

Kristall Galerie, houses a magnificent collection of semi-precious stones and other geological wonders from all over Namibia.

Living Desert Snake Park, this herpetological zoo includes specimens of several species associated with the sandy and rocky terrain of the surrounding Namib, including the spectacular horned viper, the sidewinder-shaped southern dune viper, and the small-eyed Namaqua chameleon.


You cannot miss visiting this splendid city, here you can slide through the dunes on sandboard or motorcycle, dine and drink in a picturesque restaurant next to the shore, or let yourself be surprised by the exotic birds and plants that populate the region.

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