More than 3,500 kilometers of coastline stretch from the border with Algeria, in the Mediterranean, to where the Sahara faces the Atlantic Ocean. How to choose the best beach in Morocco? It is not easy at all, some are ideal for families, others are vast stretches of virgin beaches that can still be enjoyed before they become modern spas, some are known, others do not even have Name.

The list that we bring you today will make your tour of these paradisiacal beaches a little easier to organize.

Marabout beach – MIRLEFT

Popular with Saharan artists, musicians and travelers, this beach stretches for more than 7 kilometers with its clean and crystal clear waters. The climate is pleasant, the air is clean, and the views are magnificent. It is also a good place for angling, and guides or hotels can organize outings for it, as well as excursions into the desert.

Wild beaches – TARFAYA

This town is closely associated with the French pilot and writer Antoine de Saint Exupéry, since it was here that he was inspired to write The Little Prince. The journey through this place is undoubtedly spectacular, with wild and immaculate beaches and ocher-colored dunes composing the horizon or bordering the road. On the way, on the cliffs you can see fishermen’s huts that usually sell their catch along the road and the occasional herd of camels slowly walking through the hammada.


Sid el Bachir beach – SAIDIA

Morocco’s most popular seaside resort on the Mediterranean, accessible via an unspecified track. The dizzying cliffs that surround the beach give it that mysterious air of unknown territory.


The beach of the caves – ASILAH

Miles and miles of fine sand and spectacular beaches, illuminated by sunlight, unique in that idyllic area on the Atlantic coast of Morocco. There for just under three euros you can take a typical donkey cart to go down to the beach.

When the tide goes out, you shouldn’t miss the entrances to the caves that give this wonderful beach its name. These are located north of the beach, in the direction of Assilah.


Bathing with Hercules – TANGIER

The Caves of Hercules, in Tangier, represent one of the most interesting excursions in the surroundings of this city. Two good plans for a day trip from the city are to visit Ksar es-Seghir, also in the Strait of Gibraltar, as well as Plage Robinson, south of Cape Spartel, on the northwestern tip of the African Atlantic coast. Great for an invigorating walk, about 5 kilometers from Plage Robinson you reach the Grottes d’Hercule (Hercules caves), next to the Le Mirage hotel.