Originally from Equatorial Guinea and Gabon, the Benga people are an African ethnic group, members of the Bantu peoples. Its original language is Benga, not far from the Bubi language, the language spoken by the Bubi ethnic group on the island of Bioko, Equatorial Guinea.

Currently they live in a small area of ​​the coast of the Muni River, the Cape of San Juan.

They are known as beachgoers. Although their origin is unknown, it is believed by deductions from their oral traditions, that they may come from Ethiopia and would have reached the Guinean coast, fleeing mainly from the Hausa domain.

A very interesting custom of this town is its tradition of planting two trees and dancing around them when two individuals are born on the same day. It is believed that the life of newborns is, so to speak, linked to such trees, so that if one of these perishes or is felled, they are sure that they will die soon.