The year has already started and we already want an outdoor vacation full of adventure and wild nature.

And Africa in January has the perfect weather in several of its most iconic destinations. You can not lose this:



In January Ethiopia has a perfect climate for vacationing. You can enjoy the Danakil Desert or the Elta Are Volcano in complete tranquility and, embark on a trip to enjoy the natural and cultural heritage of the country.

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January and the weather in Zimbabwe become allies to bring you the freshness and amount of sun necessary for a completely satisfactory vacation in the country.

This month, one of the three most important waterfalls in the world awaits you, from both sides of Zimbabwe and Zambia or a sunset cruise on the Zambezi River. The way you prefer to enjoy Zimbabwe is your decision.

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Take a look at the history of Rwanda in a turbulent time, feel the nature and meet the wildlife, such as gorillas. Everything in the month of January with our exclusive tours.

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The UNESCO World Heritage Site that represents Botswana is excuse enough to add it to your destination list in January.

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