There is no more interesting place to meet the local community than Africa, since in this huge continent there are thousands of tribes that differ in culture, customs, language and beliefs.

For you to discover these tribes, we tell about their customs and their way of seeing the world. They sure surprise you.


the bushmen

They have traditionally lived for thousands of years thanks to hunting and gathering fruits. They are distributed among several countries: Namibia, Angola, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The most curious thing about this town is that it does not use writing and that its members communicate by clicks.


the tuareg

If there is a known and mysterious people in Africa, it is that of the Tuaregs. They are also known as the «blue men» of the Sahara, one of their most curious facts is that they are the only ones who preserve the Berber script called tifinagh.


the himba

They are a semi-nomadic tribe, cattle breeders, who still preserve the lifestyle they had thousands of years ago. Their way of life dates back many centuries: polygamy is allowed, justice is administered through tribal chiefs, and fines are paid in head of cattle.


the Dinka

They are polygamous, although many marry only once, and they are an ethnic group that is divided into 21 groups, each with its own chief. For aesthetic reasons, sometimes a tooth is pulled out. Men dye their hair red, while women shave their heads and eyebrows.


the Maasai

It is not the most numerous of the African tribes, but it is the most feared. Throughout history they have been great warriors and have stood out for their courage and strength. Their houses were built with cow dung and with thatched roofs. They dress only in red, with colored leaves and beads. They dance by jumping and going around in a circle.