We have endless reasons to recommend that you choose Mauritius as a destination for your next vacation. And, if you are a demanding traveler, you should know that one of the first reasons why you should visit this splendid corner of the planet is that it will exceed all your expectations as you will find an exotic and multicultural island in the Indian Ocean, a beautiful and accessible place.

If this still does not convince you, then stay until the end of this post and know the best reasons to travel to Mauritius.

Its landscapes

Mauritius is a piece of paradise that emerges between the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, this allows it to have beaches that present different shades of blue and backgrounds of a tropical paradise with coral reefs. It is undoubtedly a place that can boast of having the best virgin beaches in the world.

And, although some tourists focus on the paradisiacal beaches, the mountains of the South are gaining adherents. Surprise! there is a mountain and it is well worth a walk. In it you will enjoy the landscape of sugar cane, palm trees, pineapples, coffee plantations, tea plantations, mango trees, lychee, passion fruit, … A spectacle to behold.

Mauritian hospitality

In Mauritius, they are absolutely helpful. They care about your well-being and make you feel as comfortable as possible, from the hotel receptionist, the bar waiter, the taxi driver, the bus driver… You will notice that way of being from the plane.

Its cultural fusion

Mauritius is an ethnic melting pot of diverse heritage. Indians, Tamils ​​and Marathis mix with Muslims and people of Creole lineage from Madagascar with African and Chinese – Mauritian origins from Asia. There are Franco and Anglo-Mauritians who reflect Mauritius’s former colonial ties with France, Great Britain, the Netherlands, and Portugal. English, French and Creole are the main languages. Mauritius sets high standards in tolerance and cultural plurality.

Mauricio is an example to the world. Churches, mosques, pagodas and temple alternate between its streets.

Its gastronomy

The great multiracial mix of Mauritius makes it a place with a rich and varied gastronomic offer.

African, Chinese, Hindu, Pakistani descendants, along with that of Europeans from Holland, England and France, merge a gastronomic proposal with typical dishes. Savor a rougaille, the Mediterranean dish made with tomato, onion and garlic with meat or fish, the daube, a steak, the vindaye, a fish fry covered with turmeric, ginger, xilis and mustard, as well as Indian specialties such as curry pop, all kinds of tropical fruits or a typical vanilla-flavored coffee.

Travel to Mauritius with Only One

Spending a vacation in Mauritius is finding yourself and enjoying the vivid image of a natural paradise surrounded by coral reefs and multicolored fish in a clear reef lagoon. But above all, it is venturing into landscapes of an exuberant geography.

And if you are ready to delight yourself with the nature of this island, click here and learn about our best tours in Mauritius.