The Tunisian Republic or Tunisia is the ideal place to escape for a while and discover all that this land full of contrasts and colors has to offer, with the scent of jasmine, dates and freshly brewed tea, and in which the colors: blue of the Mediterranean Sea.

Whether it is a relaxed stay by the sea or a tourism full of activities, there will always be reasons to visit the Mediterranean Sea, the golden ones in the Sahara desert, the greens of the oases and the coppery ones of the Atlas Mountains of this country. And in this post we will meet them:


Discover the desert

After the beaches and historic cities, the deserts will give you another kind of tranquility, and that is the serenity and peace that the Tunisian Sahara desert brings.

In fact, tours of the Sahara desert by camel or 4 × 4 are positioned as the third favorite activity of tourists.


Walks on the beach

Tunisia has 1,300 km of coastline, 600 of which are of beach.

From the capital Tunis to the city of Monastir there are the most famous resorts, but not the only ones. Some of the most popular beaches are Ghar el-Melh, Susa and Sounine. On the southeast coast, Yerba and Zarzis are alternatives to the more touristy ones in the north.


Its medinas

Accessing the heart of the city, passing through the shops that crowd consecutively to offer all kinds of products, is the perfect place to see, get lost, and discover the interiors of its inhabitants.


Its gastronomy

There is a wide variety of dishes to try, both savory and sweet. In addition, they use condiments that are generally new to western palates, making each meal much tastier.

Tunisia, like all Mediterranean countries, uses olive oil, spices and vegetables, but it also uses ingredients that are somewhat different from what we know.


Star Wars locations

Tunisia is renowned for being the location of many «Star Wars» settings.

When traveling to one of the towns in Tunisia such as: the spectacular Sidi Bouhlel canyon, known as the «Star Wars Cannon», where R2D2 is captured by the Jawas; or in the salty lake of Chott el Djerid, where the Lars’ farm was located, among others; without a doubt you will live a cinephile adventure.