If you have already read our article on the best tours in Madagascar, where we mentioned the most iconic places of its lands, but we have not convinced you, then this post is for you.

The truth is that there are plenty of reasons to want to travel to Madagascar, its fauna is among the best in the world in terms of diversity, abundance and closeness and traveling with the purpose of knowing it is the most rewarding. With patience, an open mind and a sense of adventure Madagascar will be unlike any other place you have visited.


Unknown and not very touristy

Madagascar is a destination far from conventional places, when you arrive you will have the certainty of making an incredible trip in a country far from mass tourism.

Madagascar offers you the opportunity to live authentic adventures; from the spectacular pearl beach, the best place for snorkeling and diving; the bustling city of central Madagascar, adorned with fertile rice fields and historic buildings; to pristine coral reefs and the rich Mandolare River.


An extraordinary fauna and flora

The variety of species of chameleons, lemurs, baobabs and so many other animals that are only found in Madagascar is something worth crossing half the world for.

Madagascar is sometimes called the «eighth continent» due to its biological diversity. 5% of the world’s animals and plants inhabit, many of which are endemic to Madagascar. The unique flora and fauna are in harmony with the incredibly diverse landscape. There is a desert to the tropical jungle only about 300 km away, there is everything.


You do not need to do any prior paperwork to travel to Madagascar

The visa is obtained upon arrival in the country and the price ranges between 20 and 30 euros depending on how the value of the currency varies.


A hospitable town

As it is not an excessively touristy place, people smile at you just because, because they like to see you, because you arouse their curiosity.

Madagascar is above all a very friendly and respectful population.


Visiting Madagascar is also learning from guides who are passionate about their country and who will show you all its wonders.