September is a perfect month to travel to Africa and, if you have a week of vacation this month and do not know where to go, you have reached the ideal post.

During this month it is not as hot as in August, the destinations are not full of tourists, the beaches are no longer overcrowded and, the best thing? prices drop a lot and you can also find cheap plane tickets.

So keep reading because in this article you have the best plans and destinations to travel in the month of September in Africa:



Mauritius is a destination that mixes relaxation on paradisiacal beaches, nature and adventure, as well as being a very simple travel plan; In which you do not need a visa or vaccines, just sunscreen and mosquito repellent.

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This destination is one of the most authentic African countries, where there is still not as much tourism as in Kenya or Tanzania. And, if you like nature and animals, you cannot miss this destination.

During the month of September the weather in Zambia is perfect, as well as to go on a safari and visit the famous Victoria Falls; two essentials that you cannot miss when visiting this corner of Africa.

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With temperatures less scorching than in midsummer and less tourist influx, Morocco is a perfect destination to travel in September.

Thanks to the captivating light that is appreciated at this time, you can enjoy any of its imperial cities and souks.

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Madagascar is a safe bet in September. Everything looks even more splendid with its unique fauna and flora in the world.

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