Africa is full of opportunities for adventurous surfers who need world-class wave beaches, with plenty of secret surf spots.

In fact, this great continent is becoming one of the booming destinations to practice Surfing for every preference. So today we will be telling you about some of the best places to surf in Africa.




Praia do Tofo, Mozambique

Idyll for the wave lover, is located 25 kilometers east of Inhambane, Mozambique, at the southern end of this beach is the Tofinho Point reef. The charms of Tofo are manifold, it has cheap prices, welcoming locals and somewhat warm sea water. Additionally, local operators like The Surf Shack offer rental equipment and surf lessons, while the pristine reefs in the area offer exceptional diving.


Anakao, Madagascar

Anokao is a coastal fishing village. The waves break several kilometers from the shore on an outer reef. The offshore breaks at this location are still largely unexplored, giving you the opportunity to explore new places.


Durban, South Africa

Famous for its beaches, surfers and cosmopolitan atmosphere, Durban is a city of great cultural diversity. The biggest waves are found north of the Golden Mile, in places like North Beach, Bay of Plenty and Dairy Beach, although these areas are suitable only for experienced surfers; For beginners, the best waves are further south, in front of uShaka Marine World and around Vetch Pier.


Skeleton Bay, Namibia

The Portuguese knew this area as The Gates of Hell. For the Bushmen it is the land that God created in wrath. The combination of shifting currents, raging winds, and dense fogs has made Skeleton Bay a place reserved for the highly experienced and the unswervingly dedicated. However, the national park has many more attractions, including the roaring dunes and billion-year-old rock formations. Also, as incredible as it may seem due to the danger of its waters to navigate, there is a rich variety of fauna.


Taghazout, Morocco

Taghazout is a small fishing village that became famous for offering straight, long, clean and perfect waves on a multitude of peaks. There is something for everyone, from challenging point jumps to relaxing beach breaks. One of the great advantages of Taghazout is that it has numerous surf camps. Between Imsouane and La Source there are dozens.