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So discover what we have to offer you during the month of February:


Botswana and Zambia Tour for 2 to 9 days

From the Northwestern part of Botswana, we will tour the world’s largest inland delta, the Okavango Delta, aboard a Six Cessna plane.

Enjoy the undisturbed nature and rich wildlife, spread out across the Delta which is 11 times bigger than Tokyo.

At the end of the tour, we’ll visit Zambia. Te World Heritage Site that is the Victoria falls will leave you in awe.


Mozambique Classic Tour 10 Days

If you travel to Mozambique, the beautiful ocean and the Indian Ocean safari are the best. This tour will take you to a summary of Mozambique’s fascinating locations and enjoy luxurious beach resorts and safaris. A spectacular safari experience in Gorongoza National Park, a theme that has been destroyed by the conflict but has undergone a miraculous resurrection. Big animals like elephants, buffaloes and lions are in front of you. In the crystal clear waters of Tofu and the Bazaruto Islands, you can take a traditional Arabian-style sailboat «Dow» and sail to the coast. Snorkeling and relaxing experience on the beach. Enjoy a paradise in the Indian Ocean where colorful fish, sea turtles and whale sharks live.

On the island of Mozambique, a World Heritage Site, you will find the unforgettable landscape of the colonial era of Portugal and explore the thriving history of the time. Come to the attractions of Mozambique, where there are relatively few tourists.


Zimbabwe, Botswana Local 4 days Luna Rainbow

At UNESCO’s World Heritage Site, Victoria Falls, one of the world’s three largest waterfalls, a mysterious ‘Luna Rainbow’ is called the ‘Luna Rainbow’ during the full moon night between March and July, when the waterfall volume is high, and around July to July. A rainbow appears.

At night, the rainbow created by the moonlight floats in the air with the water spray of the waterfall as the screen, and this superb view occurs due to the overlapping of limited conditions such as ‘full moon,’ ‘darkness around,’ and ‘waterfall water volume.’ This is a strange phenomenon.

It’s a dark night in the park, so let’s go sightseeing safely with a local guide.
If you’re considering a trip to Africa, why not try out Victoria Falls at this time of year?


Rwanda meeting chimpanzee gorilla 7 days

Rwanda is known as the «Country of a Thousand Hills» due to the mountainous terrain, and its land is covered with green, mountainous areas. On the tour, you’ll get to know wildlife like gorillas and chimpanzees in the national park while learning Rwanda’s history and touching past.

We set up chimpanzee trekking tours in Nyungwe National Park that take one day and a day of gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park.

When you’re free, we recommend visiting African souvenir shops/vendors at the local market. Most of Rwanda’s nature remains intact, especially the waterfalls and Lake Kivu ecosystem. Join us, let’s go on a charming tour of the beautiful, small country that is Rwanda!