The term Big Five was applied by hunters to define their most coveted pieces. These are the lions, elephants, hippos, leopards and buffalo. With the new concept of tourist safari in which only photographs are taken (hunting safaris seem completely despicable to me) it is very typical to leave setting objectives around the animals that must be seen.

A common mistake on safari is to be so focused on the Big Five that we forget that there are almost 150 other species of mammals that can appear at any time in the national park or reserve that we find ourselves in.

You have to think, in any case, that the documentarians who record the images that are later shown on television spend months, and sometimes years, compiling shots that they cut out for a maximum one-hour report. Therefore, investigate, analyze, observe and enjoy without pressure…

It is a fun and always motivating way to enjoy, especially that first time we go on a safari in life. And the famous Big Five are an incentive during the trip, there is no doubt.