The Blyde River Canyon Reserve of South Africa is a huge gorge in Mpumalanga, characterized by its mountains and cliffs, and by the fascinating variety of flora and fauna.

Here you can see primates such as the somango monkey, the greater and lesser nocturnal bushbabies, the chacma baboons and the vervet monkeys are present. Its rich and varied plant life is influenced by its extreme climate, its variety of altitudes, and various soil conditions. This variety of plant life supports an equally rich and varied fauna.

The geology and climate of this high rainfall plateau results in masses of waterfalls, beautiful to look at and many of which you can visit. Others are hidden deep in some of the man-made forest plantations.

In addition, it is the third largest canyon in the world includes curious formations and erosions, which resemble natural pools; shaped by the Blyde River. Offering activities such as rafting through its bold waters, hiking trails and bike rides through the Drakensberg mountain range.

You can take one of the many hiking trails in the area. Stop at the viewpoints to see some of the highlights of this natural wonder. They include Pinnacle, a giant red rock formation, and Three Rodavels, rounded mountain tops that resemble traditional African houses.


If you are a great adventurer, book our tour South Africa and Eswatini (Formerly Swaziland) 8 days of safari, spectacular landscapes and culture and enjoy the Big Five in the Kruger National Park. The beautiful Blyde River Canyon, called the Grand Canyon of Africa and one of the highlights of eastern South Africa.