In the last 2 decades we have experienced an excessive boom in tourism.

This has been intensifying as the attractive offers and the availability of people to travel have increased. It has been so accessible to move that we have all become citizens of the world visiting countries as distant in distance as in culture from our own.}


With the arrival of a global threat such as the pandemic, we were able to find space to reflect on how quickly we were consuming life, which led us to redirect the way we travel.

This means that when traveling, the important decisions we must make are with whom and for what purpose we want to travel. Rewarding in this way those companies that are committed to the search for more sustainable practices.

But, in view of the above, what can we say about this ‘‘New way» of seeing tourism:

Responsible tourism seeks to minimize the negative impacts both on the ecosystem that houses them, as well as on the economy that it generates and on the society that welcomes them, respecting the culture of the place.

So the development of tourist activities should not only be focused on the comfort of the traveler, but should also take local needs into account.

True tourism must look after the care of our Planet and, ultimately, of the nature in which it takes place. For this reason, knowledge and respect must be fostered, which in the end simultaneously watches over the social aspects of that specific community, as well as the efficient use of resources and energy and even the possibility of creating buildings based on the use of renewable energy, directly saving money to the owner.

So how they eat or read, everything is related; If nature is valued, the local community and the entire tourism sector can be directed towards a sustainability movement that also saves resources and energy, thus generating benefits.

What do you think, do you also think that the time has come to travel more responsibly?