If you are thinking of a sun and beach destination, you are probably wondering what to see in Seychelles.

You will be impressed by everything to see and do in Seychelles, as this country, whose heart is Franco-African, offers you hundreds of islands to discover. The natural beauty, the gastronomy, the sea and the colonial cities are just some of its attractions.

So read to the end if you want to find out about the best destinations to visit in Seychelles.



The Island of Mahé is the largest. 90% of the country’s population lives here.

Mahé hides many treasures, dense jungles, incredible beaches, an endless biodiversity, and an unequaled cultural wealth. All this spread over more than one hundred kilometers of coastline with spectacular beaches such as Anse Royale, Anse Forbans, Anse Marie-Louise, Anse Takamaka, Anse Soleil, or Baie Lazare are just some examples.



This wonderful island where there are no roads or streets, offers us the perfect opportunity to enjoy the wild beauty of the tropical jungle.


Alphonse Island

The fantasy of reaching a desert island comes true on this coral islet.



North of Mahé is this island named after a bird, home to more than 2 million swallows and other birds. In addition to being an ecotourism destination, it also has very quiet beaches where you can rest and disconnect from the world.



Praslin Island is the second largest. In the almost 40 square kilometers that it measures are some of the best beaches on the planet. In addition, there you can visit the Valle de Mai Natural Reserve, known for housing the Coco de Mar, the tree with the largest seed in the world (it weighs 20 kilos).