The Avenue of the Baobabs in Madagascar is one of those iconic places that you may have seen photos of. Its striking landscape attracts travelers from all over the world, making it one of the most visited places in the region between Morondava and Belon’i Tsiribihina in the Menabe, west of Madagascar.

In Africa they are considered sacred trees. It is a different tree, different from all the ones we are used to seeing, it can grow up to 30 meters high and have a considerable width. This species of Baobab is endemic to Madagascar, which means that we will not find it anywhere else in the world.

Legend of the Baobabs

They are majestic and beautiful trees and, according to legend, they were the most conceited in the forest. So that they would not stop admiring them, they did not stop growing and growing, towering above the rest of the trees. The gods (or the devil?), As a cure for humility, decided to turn them around leaving their roots in the air.


Contemplating both the sunrise and the sunset on the avenue offer a magical visual spectacle. When you go into it, it is as if you were sneaking into a multicolored watercolor. A journey within oneself, of just minutes. A journey of just a few meters, which will take a lifetime to forget.