More and more travelers decide to visit natural parks in Africa away from the noise of the city and wanting to discover exceptional natural corners. The difficult thing in a continent like Africa is deciding which one, or which ones, to visit.


Kruger National Park

Do you love hiking and mountain biking? Thanks to its extensive land cover, Kruger National Park also offers a variety of multi-day hiking trails and mountain bike tours.

Along with more than 100 mammals and 500 different types of birds, this world-renowned national park is home to Africa’s five most famous animals (African lion, rhino, African elephant, African leopard and Cape buffalo).



Located in Namibia, the Ethosa National Park is one of the largest on the African continent and in the world. More than a hundred different species of animals and more than three hundred birds coexist in it.

This open and arid landscape makes it an ideal place to observe various wildlife that congregate at waterholes.


Serengeti National Park

Inside it live leopards, cheetahs, specimens of dik-dik, topis and jackals. One of the strengths of this park is the migration of wildebeests across the border between Tanzania and Kenya. The best time to visit is from December to May.


Amboseli National Park

What makes Amboseli National Park truly unique is that it has the majestic Kilimanjaro Mountain as its spectacular backdrop. Covering 8,000 kilometers of land, it is close to the border with Tanzania.